TCO Devices Provide High-Current Capacity in Smaller Package


Offering Smallest Surface-mount TCO, new SC Series Helps Reduce Li-Ion Battery and USB Type C Cable Assembly Costs, Shorten Supply Chain Lead Times

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Bourns, Inc., announced a new series of miniature Thermal Cutoff (TCO) devices that are lighter, smaller and offer high-current capacity up to 13 A at 25 °C. Bourns designed its new TCO family to match the small space and overtemperature protection needs in next-generation Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery cells and USB 3.1 Type C cables.

Bourns' latest SC series and its previous-generation SA series devices are the only non-polymeric surface-mount TCO products available today. Surface-mount packaging provides significant benefits enabling manufacturers to board-mount them onto battery charge circuit boards, which can help to reduce assembly costs and supply chain lead times. The new SC series is 38 percent smaller than SA series yet has the same high current handling capacity. Its small size enables the SC series to be used in a wider range of battery-based applications where space and connector density require reliable, efficient overtemperature protection.

The SC series is available in two options: the SCxxAAA and SCxxAAB. The SCxxAAA features a reinforced cover that offers greater resistance to injection molding forces applied during USB cable manufacturing. The SCxxAAB series is thinner at just 0.94 mm, making it ideal for smartphone applications.

Bourns SC Series TCO devices are available now, and are RoHS compliant* and halogen free**. For more detailed product information, please go to: