TDK expands automotive-grade C0G mid-voltage MLCC portfolio



TDK has expanded its leading portfolio of automotive-grade MLCCs with mid-voltage types featuring C0G temperature characteristics and rated voltages from 100 V to 630 V. The new components in the CGA series offer capacitance values that are very high for C0G components. In particular, the IEC 5750 (EIA 2220) MLCC with dimensions of 5.7 mm x 5.0 mm has a capacitance of 100 nF and is rated for 630 V, which is the world's highest voltage rating for a capacitor of this size and capacitance.* The new high reliability components are designed for operating temperatures of up to 125 °C, and are qualified to AEC-Q200. The expanded series offers a wide lineup of sizes from 1005 to 5750 (EIA 0402 to 2220) and combines the high reliability and high capacitance required for automotive applications. The addition of new types rated for 450 V (2012 size and above) and 5750 size types, has increased the range of C0G mid-voltage MLCCs substantially, providing increased flexibility for various market requirements. Special customer requirements (such as temperature ratings of up to 150 °C) can be met upon request. Mass production started in April 2013. Thanks to their C0G temperature characteristics (-55°C to +125°C, temperature coefficient of 0 30 ppm/°C max.), the new components in the CGA series are suitable not only for engine control units (ECUs) in cars, but also for other applications where high reliability is required. Typical examples include filtering, resonance, oscillation, snubber, and time constant circuits in power supplies for consumer and industrial products. TDK