TDK-Lambda backs winning team in UK student engineering competition



TDK Corporation is pleased to announce a team of AS-Level pupils at Blundell's School working with TDK-Lambda UK has won this year's South West Engineering Education Scheme (EES) competition. EES is a programme run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT), which links teams of AS-Level students with local companies to work on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related projects and problems. The winning team's project was to design and build a wind tunnel with air speed and temperature controls. Adrian Irwin, Product Performance Manager, TDK-Lambda UK worked alongside the pupils offering advice and assistance whenever needed: "Well done to the Blundell's team for the success of this real-life project. As a result you've gained skills and technical knowledge that can be used, and built upon." The team brought together a unique blend of skills; Oliver Pritchard Barrett had the DT and CAD expertise, Gabriel Cheung put in extensive research using his technical skills and Elliot Finch led the project to ensure the team met its weekly deadlines. "After an intense process involving the submission of a report for the judges' scrutiny, a 15 minute presentation and an in depth interview to test the team's understanding of the project, they managed to secure an overall first place in this very competitive project!" says Jenni Olive, Teacher Co-ordinator, Blundell's EES Team. "The team members gained greatly from the experience and now have a very worthwhile project to talk about at university interviews and beyond." TDK-Lambda