TDK-Lambda Z+ programmable power supplies offers arbitrary-waveform features


Built-in waveform generation and storage capacity to simulate voltage transients for testing automotive and solar-array systems

Click image to enlarge: The TDK-Lambda Z+ series high-density 200- and 400-W power supplies can create and store up to four application-specific test waveforms, eliminating the need for an external controller in basic simulation tasks.

TDK highlights the arbitrary-waveform generation capabilities of the TDK-Lambda Z+ series of high-density, 2U format benchtop and rack mounted 200- and 400-W power supplies. The ability to create and store up to four application-specific test waveforms removes the need for an external controller in basic simulation tasks. Users can program up to 12 values via the front panel or supplied software CD, store four waveforms in the Z+ unit's memory, and control longer, more complex strings using the LabView GUI. These waveforms can be either repetitive or single-shot. The supply can inject a waveform into the system under test for analysis to confirm the proper operation of the powered system or to pinpoint a fault. A typical test environment would be to simulate the characteristics of another power source, for example to simulate car-battery voltage transients occurring under all conditions including starting according to DIN 40839 for testing automotive electronics. The DIN 40839 standard ensures electromagnetic compatibility in road vehicles and defines several types of tests, including the injection of supply line transients (test pulses) in 12- and 24-V onboard systems. Another typical application is to simulate the output profile of a solar cell array under all conditions in order to test connected equipment. Z+ power supplies also have a fast command processing time, output sequencing and, two programmable output pins that can be used to control isolation relays, for example, without the need of a separate PLC. This simple control circuit enables the test engineer to connect and disconnect the load remotely for certain fault conditions, as well as for applications requiring reverse polarity. TDK Lambda Z+ product deeplink