TDK-Lambda's 1500W modular supply with full MoPPs isolation boasts lowest acoustical noise


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QM7 power supply

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand QM7 power supply with a 7-year warranty. The series has full medical MoPPs isolation and the lowest acoustic noise currently on the market for a 1500W modular product. This continues TDK-Lambda’s 37 year legacy in modular power supplies which began in 1979 with the launch of the ML series - a world first. The QM7, having both medical and ITE safety certifications, has been designed to fulfill the needs of a large number of markets ranging from BF rated equipment, test, measurement, industrial and communications applications.

Accepting a wide range 90 to 264Vac, 47-440Hz input, the QM7 will deliver 1200W at low line and 1500W with a 150-264Vac input. With its modular construction, the series can be configured using a simple on-line configurator to provide 1 to 16 independently regulated outputs and include DC Good and remote on/off capabilities. Module output voltages range from 2.8V to 52.8V and output powers from 300W to 1200W. Modules with higher voltages will be introduced later. A further subset of option modules provides an AC Fail signal, standby voltages (up to 12V 2A) and global remote on/off. Overall case dimensions for the QM7 are 176 x 63.3 x 270mm (W x H x D).

The QM7 will operate in ambient temperatures of -20 to +70°C, with output power and output current linearly derating above 50°C to 50% at 70°C. With efficiencies of up to 91%, less internal heat is generated allowing the use of low speed cooling fans. This reduces audible noise down to 44.3 dBA at room temperature - measured in accordance with BS EN ISO 3744:2010. Lower airflow speeds also significantly reduces the ingress of dirt and other contaminants, improving product reliability.

The power supply has 4,000Vac (2 x MoPPs) input to output, 1,500Vac (1 x MoPPs) input to ground and 1,500Vac (1 x MoPPs) output to ground isolation. All models are certified to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60601-1, ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1, IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 and are designed to meet IEC/EN61010-1 with CE marking for the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives. Earth leakage current is less than 300µA for the QM7, and complies with the EN61000-6-3:2007 and EN60601-1-2:2015 (curve B conducted and radiated) emission standards. The units also meet the EN60601-1-2 and EN61000-6-2 immunity standards and are designed and manufactured under the control of ISO9001 and ISO13485 (including risk management).

More information can be obtained at the following TDK-Lambda Americas website,, or by calling 800-LAMBDA-4. Products can be configured using the “Product Quick Finder” at

Major applications
Medical, including BF rated equipment, test and measurement, industrial and communications