TDK releases ultra-compact µDC-DC converter modules



EPCOS µDC-DC converters

TDK announced a new series of ultra-compact EPCOS µDC-DC converters featuring a footprint of only 2.9 mm x 2.3 mm and an insertion height of 1 mm. One 6-MHz power switch is embedded in the miniature PCB. The integrated power module saves up to 35 percent of space compared with conventional discrete solutions.


The modules are designed for an input voltage range of 2.2 V DC and 5.5 V DC. The new B30000P80* series encompasses eight types with output voltages from 1.10 V DC to 2.80 V DC. Their maximum output current is 600 mA. The modules feature overload protection and shut down automatically at excess temperatures. Because the converters are designed mainly for battery-powered devices, their efficiency is crucial. The new µDC-DC converters achieve a very high efficiency of 92 percent.

The modules can be shut down via an enable input. In this case, the supply current drops to below 1 µA, drastically reducing power consumption. Under light loads, the modules operate in power-save mode using PFM (pulse frequency modulation) with a typical low quiescent current of 24 µA. The module also features a very fast load transient response. The extremely low ripple voltages and currents also allow light loads to be handled without additional filtering.


The EPCOS µDC-DC converters are suitable for wearable devices and smart watches as well as for WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth applications. These high efficient µDC-DC converters can also be used in camera and sensor modules, optical modules, memory cards, and other battery-powered devices.


EPCOS µDC-DC converters