TDK updates data book for overvoltage protection components



TDK Corporation presents the new data book for EPCOS Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors (CTVS). It contains the extended product range of multilayer varistors (MLV), ESD/EMI filters, CeraDiode components as well as leaded transient voltage/RFI suppressors of the SHCV series.
Product highlights include the new automotive MLV-E series, which is qualified to AEC-Q200 and is suitable for operating temperatures of up to 150°C. These protection components have significant advantages over TVS diodes specifically at such high temperatures, as no derating occurs. The components of the E series are available as discrete varistors or arrays.

Also new in the data book is the surge protection series of MLVs for protection against severe transient overvoltages and high surge currents, such as 8/20 μs pulses with peak currents up to 6000 A and 10/700 μs pulses up to 45 A. Moreover, the new data book presents all the technical details for the new LED series of CeraDiodes, which are designed especially for the ESD protection of LED light sources.

The 332-page data book can be ordered HERE (ordering number EPC:62023-7600).

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