TE Connectivity claims smallest and lightest 1000 A/1000 VDC contactor avail



KILOVAC K1K contactors

TE Connectivity, a leader in connectivity and sensors, recently released its KILOVAC K1K high-voltage contactor. Designed for harsh environments, these contactors offer exceptional performance in new-technology higher voltage and current battery systems and energy storage systems. This contactor is among the smallest and lowest cost in the industry while maintaining high-voltage switching capabilities.

TE’s KILOVAC K1K contactors are constructed to support up to 1000 V/1000 A in harsh and explosive environments, and are compact and lightweight for optimal performance without oxidation or contamination of contacts, even over periods of non-use. Typical applications include carry and interrupt battery fault currents, power/motor control circuit isolation, circuit protection and safety, and energy storage and power distribution.

In addition to being hermetically sealed for long-lasting performance, KILOVAC K1K contactors feature bidirectional switching and can mount in any position. The contactors also feature an integrated dual-coil electronic economizer with internal suppression for higher efficiency.

“The efficient and versatile design of the KILOVAC K1K contactor makes it well suited for power switching at voltages as low as 5 VDC and as high as 1,000 VDC,” said Earle Alldredge, product manager of global aerospace, defense & marine at TE Connectivity.

KILOVAC K1K contactors

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