TE Connectivity introduces intelligent buildings solutions



TE Connectivity identified distinct industry demands and leveraged the company’s expertise and resources to form the TE Intelligent Buildings group. TE takes a holistic overview of any building environment and develops connectivity products that design engineers require to solve the electrical interconnection challenges within their designs. The overarching drive towards energy efficiency in buildings results in intelligent buildings that are alive and incorporate intelligence to sense, communicate and control based on the environment and its occupants. As the pioneer in elegant interconnects that seamlessly integrate, control and communicate power and data, TE offers solutions for each of the principle systems common in many modern buildings: Lighting, Environmental Controls (HVAC), Fire & Security, Elevators & Escalators, and Solar Energy systems.

“As the market started evolving towards more sophisticated and interactive buildings, early on TE recognized the critical role connectivity solutions needed to play to integrate systems for a better performing, more efficient building,” said Peter Lieffrig, General Manager, TE Connectivity Intelligent Buildings. “Our new Intelligent Buildings group’s mission is to leverage our deep expertise in connectivity solutions to empower OEM design engineers to develop building system products that maximize their potential.”

TE is a complete end-to-end connectivity provider and innovation partner that works directly with manufacturers and engineers to optimize their product designs. TE offers a broad range of standard and custom connectivity solutions with manufacturers in mind. Our understanding of the industries we serve and awareness of overall industry trends and strategies enable OEM design engineers to take their designs to the next level.

“Later we will debut another innovative solution environment that allows engineers to navigate connectivity solutions and systems integration in a sophisticated 3D intelligent building environment that will educate and empower engineers to further enhance their own product designs,” said Ron Weber, Industry Marketing Manager for TE Connectivity Intelligent Buildings.

In conjunction with the debut of the 3D building experience, TE is rolling out a targeted social media campaign, expert Skype series, distinct topic driven webinars, industry trade online and print advertisements, as well as a concentrated e-marketing campaign. Utilizing each platform’s strengths and capabilities, TE will deliver thought-leadership and technical expertise on industry trends, best practices, and real world applications. These additional channels were developed to give engineers the opportunity to obtain more information and have direct access to experts who can answer their design need questions and provide application assistance.

TE Intelligent Buildings