TE Connectivity's Fluid Property Sensor, In Stock at TTI



TTI, Inc., is now stocking the new Fluid Property Sensor (FPS) from TE Connectivity's Sensor Solutions. This is a fluid property sensor that will directly and simultaneously measure the viscosity, density, dielectric constant and temperature of oil and other fluids. Relying on patented tuning fork technology, the sensor monitors the direct and dynamic relationship between multiple physical properties to determine the quality, condition and contaminant loading of fluids such as engine oil, fuel, transmission and brake fluid, hydraulic and gear oils, refrigerants and solvents.

The FPS provided in-line monitoring of fluids for a wide range of OEM and aftermarket installations including fluid reservoirs, process lines and pressurized high flow conduits for applications that include on and off-road vehicles, HVAC&R, compressors, industrial equipment and turbines. The universal digital CAN J1939 compliant protocol provides an easy-to-connect interface to main Host controller.

The sensor uses a simple 4 pin Aptiv mating connector, also in stock at TTI.