TE Connectivity's High Density Card Edge Power Connectors


New connectors deliver highest current density in the market with unique dual-layer contact design

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- TE Connectivity (TE) introduces its new high density plus (HD+) card edge power connectors, which deliver the highest current density of any card edge power connectors available in the market today. Capable of supporting power supplies up to 3kW, these connectors are designed to enable systems with increasing power requirements in next-generation data centers.

TE's new HD+ card edge connectors deliver exceptional current density at 15A/2.54mm and support 2000-3000W power supplies for data center equipment. The new connectors have a 1.27mm signal contact pitch and a 5.08mm power contact pitch with a working voltage of 60V DC.

In addition, TE's new HD+ card edge power connectors offer very low contact resistance due to a unique dual-layer design of DC power contacts and pass-through pins, which provide multiple mating/contact points to the PCB. Designed in the common industry PCB footprint, these new connectors leverage a compact, cost-effective design with a common power and signal contact module. Designers get a flexible configuration with different contact quantities and can achieve better scalability because the connectors support both AC and DC in low-power and high-power applications. The connectors are ideal for server, switch and mass storage system applications.

TE Connectivity