TE Connectivity’s modular high-power FORGE drawer connectors now at Mouser



TE Connectivity FORGE Drawer Connectors

Mouser Electronics is now stocking FORGE drawer modular power connectors from TE Connectivity (TE), a leader in connectivity and sensors. This new tooling platform provides designers of power systems and electrical hardware a wide variety of configurations, providing engineers with more flexibility in design. With its selection of contacts and module configurations, FORGE drawer connectors make it easy and cost-effective for engineers to use the optimal power connect solution for a variety of data center, industrial, energy, and medical applications.

TE's FORGE drawer connectors feature a modular tooling platform in which a single housing can have up to 10 modules with the flexibility to use one of five different contact types in each module. This flexibility enables engineers to get a better fit for their applications, without having to compromise by using unmatched housings, and without the cost and lead times associated with tooling new housings.

Each of the five different contact types used in the FORGE drawer product line is an existing contact commonly used in the market. The modular tooling of the housing enables product customization, giving engineers the flexibility to build a custom design while also using tested, proven contacts. By using existing contacts as well as their associated application tooling, design engineers can use FORGE drawer connectors to reduce costs and lower product lead times.

TE Connectivity FORGE Drawer Connectors

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