TE Connectivity's Small Spring Fingers Shipping from Sager



Sager Electronics is now stocking TE Connectivity’s new Ultra Small Spring Fingers.  

With one of the smallest footprints on the market, TE’s Ultra Small Spring Fingers save valuable PCB space, allowing for use in a variety of applications with space constraints. Its closed-loop contact design ensures reliable connection to the PCB, while a robust side wall minimizes overcompression. A special anti-lifting design improves assembly efficiency by locking the tip of the contact within the sidewall of the spring finger, helping to prevent the contact from getting caught on an operator’s glove.

The new Ultra Small Spring Fingers are ideal for use in wearable devices, mobile phones, smart speakers, tablets/laptops, and Bluetooth earbuds.

TE Connectivity’s new Ultra Small Spring Fingers are in stock at Sager Electronics. To learn more, click here.