Tektronix 2 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Available from TestEquity



­TestEquity announced that the new Tektronix 2 Series MSO is now available.

­TestEquity announced that the new Tektronix 2 Series MSO is now available.

With the widespread use of embedded systems in modern electronics, engineers need to troubleshoot complex signals both on and off the bench. This means working with complicated power supply sequences, testing more voltage levels, smaller amplitudes, and debugging more buses than ever.

Tektronix's new 2 Series MSO is a bold new oscilloscope design that makes it simpler and more convenient for engineers to capture and analyze signals over longer periods of time, which is why TestEquity immediately added the 2 Series to its industry-leading product selection.

“The 2 Series MSO was designed with the ultimate in portability to address the evolving needs for field and remote work,” said Mark Rosa, GM, Entry Solutions Portfolio, Tektronix. “We’re thrilled TestEquity continuously looks to Tektronix as a leading innovator and partner to offer only the best in modern test and measurement technology for its engineers.”  

Tektronix 2 Series MSO Key Features and Specifications

  • Available with 2 or 4 analog channels
  • Up to 500 MHz bandwidth
  • 2.5GS/s sample rate
  • 10Mpts record length
  • High-resolution touchscreen interface with class-leading screen-to-body ratio
  • Color-coded LED indicators for buttons and knobs
  • Front and Side I/O ports allow convenient access and connectivity
  • Extensive probe support—including compatibility with advanced probes from the TBS2000B or Tektronix 3 Series
  • Optional 2-slot battery pack for troubleshooting on the go
  • Extended capabilities through Tektronix software packages and embedded VNC server

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