Tektronix expands bench instrument lineup with new power supplies, function generator



Versatile, flexible and cost-effective instruments are the staples of well-equipped engineering work benches

Tektronix, a leading provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, introduced additions to a family of Keithley power supplies and a new 60 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator featuring best-in-class price performance that together give engineers an expanded range of options for adding essential instruments to their test bench.


Versatile, flexible and cost-effective instruments such as Tektronix oscilloscopes, signal generators and Keithley power supplies are the staples of well-equipped engineering work benches, whether in R&D labs, manufacturing facilities, repair depots or universities. Given the wide range of potential applications, it’s critical to offer customers a broad range of instrument performance levels and price points so they can tailor each bench to fit their needs.


Eight new DC Power Supply Models

The drive toward versatility is on full display at Tektronix with the introduction of eight new programmable DC power supplies. These additions to the Keithley Series 2260B power supply family include six new 250V and 800V high voltage models, a new 108A high current model and a new 80V/40A 1080W high power model. The new additions expand the test applications for the Series 2260B family, allowing the supplies to source higher power, high voltage, and higher current components, sub-assemblies, and products.


Regardless of the configuration selected, Series 2260B power supplies feature programmable rise and fall time control for both the voltage and the current waveforms. This allow engineers to create customized output voltage source waveforms and to avoid overshoot and potential damage to a device-under-test due to high inrush current. An embedded programmable output resistance feature allows users to simulate the output of a battery for testing higher power portable battery products.


Adding to their versatility, the compact size of the series 2260B supplies allows six 360W supplies, or three 720W supplies, or two 1080W supplies to be rack-mounted in a single row.


AFG1062 Features Best-in-Class Price Performance

Compared to scope-based signal generators or standalone AFGs in this price class, the Tektronix AFG1000 series of instruments offer better performance and greater flexibility. The AFG1062 expands the series with impressive specifications for its price including two equally capable channels, 60 MHz bandwidth with 1mVpp to 10Vpp output amplitude, 14-bit vertical resolution and 1µHz frequency resolution. It provides a 300 MS/s sample rate along with 1M points record length and USB memory expansion for user-defined waveforms.


With the addition of the AFG1062, Tektronix now offers educational institutions the industry’s most complete set of affordable instruments including oscilloscopes, signal generators, digital multi-meters and power supplies, all tied together with the TekSmartLab wireless lab instrument management solution.


The AFG1062 includes 50 built-in standard functions and arbitrary waveforms with continuous, modulation, sweep and burst modes to cover a broad range of applications. The instrument is easy to use with a 3.95-in TFT color display, shortcut buttons and a rotary knob for quick setting adjustments. Its compact form factor saves valuable bench space.


Pricing and Availability

All eight new Keithley Series 2260B DC power supplies are available now with prices starting at $1,800 US MSRP. The AFG1062 is also available now globally and is priced at $999 US MSRP including a 5 year warranty.