Ten-amp, 1200V Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier offers improved high-temperature performance



Central Semiconductor has released the CSIC10-1200 , 10 Amp, 1200 Volt silicon carbide Schottky rectifier designed for high frequency systems where energy efficiency and thermal performance are critical design elements. Packaged in the TO-220-2 (2 lead) epoxy molded through-hole case, this device is ideal for applications encountering temperatures up to 175°C. Applications for this device include; power inverters, industrial motor drives, switch- mode power supplies, power factor correction, and over-current protection. The CSIC10-1200 provides switching stability over the -55°C to 175°C temperature range while maintaining low forward voltage losses. Silicon carbide provides the benefits of higher reverse voltage, higher operating temperature capability, improved thermal efficiency, and temperature independent switching performance, all of which contribute to enhanced system efficiency. Pricing for the CSIC10-1200 starts at US$6.80 each for 100 pieces packaged in sleeves of 50 pieces each. Samples are available upon request. Central Semiconductor