Texas Instruments Brings Blood Flow Velocity to Ultrasound Images with Industry's Highest Performing Analog Front Ends



Texas Instruments Incorporated has introduced two new fully integrated analog front ends (AFEs) with a continuous wave (CW) Doppler mixer for mid- to high-end, Spectral Doppler ultrasound equipment. The AFE5807 and AFE5808 address ultrasound designers' need for superior performance and image quality with the best noise performance at 0.75 nV/rtHz. In addition, the integrated CW mode measures and displays blood flow velocity in ultrasound images. These new devices are 25 percent smaller than competing solutions, ensuring a compact system footprint for higher channel count. For more information and to order AFE5807 and AFE5808 samples, visit www.ti.com/ultrasound-preu. Additional key features and benefits of the AFE5807 and the AFE5808

  • Integrated CW Doppler mixer and summing amplifier with a very low close-in phase noise better than -155dBc/Hz at 1KHz off a 2.5MHz carrier to ease design with CW beamforming.
  • AFE5807 is a low-power solution with 88mW/Ch at 1.1nV/rtHz, 40MSPS, 12-bit sampling.
  • AFE5808 is a high-performance solution with low-noise optimization of 0.75nV/rtHz, 149mW/ch, 65MSPS and a 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 77dBFS SNR (signal-to-noise ratio).
  • Both integrate eight channels of the following components:
  • Low-noise amplifier (LNA) with 24/18/12dB gain settings to enable 0.25/0.5/1Vpp linear input range. 50, 100, 200 or 400 ohm active termination supports a range of input amplitudes for different class of transducers.
  • Voltage controlled attenuator (VCA) and programmable gain amplifier (PGA) with a total max gain of 54dB for superior dynamic range.
  • 3rd order linear phase low-pass filter (LPF) with selectable bandwidth of 10, 15, 20, and 30MHz.
  • 12- and 14-bit ADC with LVDS output up to 65MSPS.
  • Programmable modes to optimize power and performance for various imaging modes.
AFE5807 and AFE5808 extend TI's AFE58xx family of fully integrated ultrasound analog front ends, including the AFE5805 and AFE5804 for portable to mid-range ultrasound and the AFE5801 and AFE5851 for handheld, ultra-portable ultrasound. All AFE58xx devices are complemented on the transmit side by TI's TX810 T/R switch and join TI's full portfolio of embedded processing, analog and power management solutions for ultrasound applications, allowing manufacturers to bring innovative ultrasound systems to market faster. Tools, availability and packaging The AFE5807 and AFE5808 are sampling now in a 9-mm x 15-mm, 135-pin BGA package. The AFE5807 is priced at $62 and the AFE5808 at $68, both in 1,000-unit quantities. Find out more about TI's product portfolio for ultrasound and medical imaging applications at the links below: About medical components from Texas Instruments TI is helping shape technology to improve the quality and accessibility of medical equipment to revolutionize healthcare in the 21st century and beyond. With its full range of analog and embedded processing products, from building blocks to complete semiconductor solutions, plus systems insight, global support infrastructure, advanced process technology and medical industry involvement, TI is helping make innovative medical electronics more flexible, affordable and accessible. TI's experience in diverse markets, such as wireless communications, consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace, enables engineers to meet increasing needs for higher speeds, higher precision, lower power and smaller equipment, while maintaining the high standards for quality and reliability that the medical market demands. For more information, please visit www.ti.com/medical. www.ti.com