Texas Instruments Delivers Thinnest EMI Filters with Highest ESD Performance



Texas Instruments Incorporated today introduced six- and four-channel electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters for LCD display applications, the TPD6F202 and TPD4F202. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) ratings exceed the IEC 61000-4-2 specification by at least three times for contact discharge. Both are 67 percent better than the specification for air-gap discharge. This allows the signal to be transmitted through the device while it filters out the higher frequency RF and electromagnetic interferences (RF/EMI) that can appear as lines on a screen, especially LCD displays. The devices' compact size allows designers to optimize previously wasted space under connectors. Targeted applications include LCD display interfaces and anything that needs RF/EMI filtering on data lines, such as portable applications, cell phones, LCD interfaces, and video connections. Download a data sheet or order free samples here: www.ti.com/tpd6f202-preu. Key features and benefits of the TPD6F202 and TPD4F202

  • These new 300-um packages are less than half the thickness of a credit card, or 60 percent shorter than the nearest competitor, allowing designers to take advantage of previously wasted space under connectors.
  • Highest ESD protection rating of +/?25kV with less RF/EMI from the signal antenna to the screen delivers a clearer LCD display.
  • Space-saving WCSP with 0.4 mm lead pitch and flow-through pin-mapping facilitates efficient layout in portable applications.
Availability and pricing The TPD6F202 and TPD4F202 are available now in the space-saving WCSP package with a suggested resale price of $0.21 and $0.17 in quantities of 1,000, respectively. Learn more about TI's interface portfolio
  • Order free samples and download datasheets: www.ti.com/tpd6f202-preu.
  • Quickly search TI's entire interface portfolio or download the latest selection guide: www.ti.com/interface-pr.
  • Ask questions and help solve problems with fellow engineers in the ESD/EMI Interface Forum at the TI E2E™ Community.