Texas Instruments introduces industry's first zero-drift, 36-V op amp


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Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced the industry's first zero-drift, 36-V operational amplifier (op amp). Compared to the competition, the dual-channel OPA2188 provides a 4x improvement in offset voltage drift, 60 percent improvement in initial offset voltage and twice the bandwidth at the same power consumption. The OPA2188 can be used in high- and low-voltage supply applications requiring ultra-high precision, such as test and measurement equipment, electronic weigh scales, medical instrumentation and flow meters. For more information and to order samples, visit www.ti.com/opa2188-preu "The OPA2188 combines TI's proprietary zero-drift technology with our precision 36-V processes, providing analog designers with a clean and simple way to solve the challenge of taking precision-level measurements in a high-voltage environment," said Steve Anderson, senior vice president of TI's High Performance Analog business. "Our design teams have achieved leading performance levels for ultra-low noise, EMI and RFI input filtering, and low power consumption. These efforts will help our customers achieve higher efficiencies in applications like control and automation, and higher accuracy in portable medical designs." Key features and benefits Zero drift architecture, 0.03 uV/degree C, reduces the need for future system calibration. Initial offset voltage of 25 uV enables the highest-resolution sensor measurement in its class. Provides 2 MHz of bandwidth while consuming only 475 uA of quiescent current, which will enable portable medical applications to provide even higher levels of accuracy. Low noise of 8.8 nV/rtHz for high system precision. Input common mode range extending from negative rail to within 1.5 V of the positive rail saves additional circuitry and enables 5-V, single-supply operation. Tools and support TI offers a variety of tools and support to speed development with the OPA2188, including:

  • A universal evaluation module (EVM) that simplifies evaluation by allowing many different circuits to be constructed easily and quickly. The EVM is available today for $5.
  • A reference design and SPICE model in TINA-TI 9.1, a SPICE-based analog simulation program.
  • Download TINA-TI 9.1 at www.ti.com/tina-ti-download-pr
  • Software for analysis, application and calculation utilities, including Analog Filter Designer, FilterPro, and calculators for decibel, frequency/wavelength and op amp gain stage.
Availability, packaging and pricing The OPA2188 is available today in a 3-mm x 5-mm MSOP package or 5-mm x 6-mm SOIC package for a suggested retail price of $1.40 for 1,000 units. Learn more about TI's precision op amp portfolio by visiting the links below: Ask questions, help solve problems in the Precision Amplifier Forum in the TI E2E™ Community: www.ti.com/e2epa-pr