The China Information Technology Expo comes to Shenzhen, China in April 2014



The China Information Technology Expo - CITE 2014, the largest IT and consumer electronics show in Asia, will come to  Shenzhen, China from April 10-12, 2014. Among other things the event will provide sales & information opportunities for U.S. and international businesses wishing to enter the Asian marketplace.

Mr. An Xiaopeng, Deputy Director General of the IT Industry Department, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), said that China’s IT sales revenue reached $1.78 trillion and China manufactures over 50% of the world’s mobile phones, computers, and TVs. Mr. Xiaopeng also said that China produces the world’s largest volume of electronic components and parts and has become the world’s hub for manufacturing, R & D, and procurement for the global consumer electronics and IT industry.

China's 1.2 Billion Mobile Phone Users, 500 Million Internet Users, & 270 Million Online Shoppers
At the press conference, Mr. Xiaopeng added that China has the largest number of mobile phone users in the world at 1.2 billion and the largest number of Internet users at 500 million, with 270 million shopping online and 132 million setting up travel plans online. On one day alone, on November 11th, 2013 (a day named by Chinese youth as “Online Shopping Day” – like Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the U.S.), $5.6 billion worth of sales were made on’s e-commerce platform. The Alibaba site attracted 17 million shoppers at peak time, resulting in 188 million transactions and 152 million shipments.
China Sold 340 Million Smartphones in 2013 – Signs Up 600 Million Users in 3 Years

As the world’s largest smartphone and smart TV market, China’s 2013 sales for smartphones were approximately 340 million units, an 83% increase over 2012, with smart TV sales at approximately 20 million (a 109% increase). All this data establishes China as the biggest global electronics and information product marketplace in the world, with great potential for U.S. and international companies to expand their businesses overseas. Another example of China’s potential is, a social networking application developed by China’s largest Internet company, Tencent. WeChat has already amassed over 600 million users in just three years.

The Asian Marketplace
U.S. and international companies can profit from this large Asian marketplace potential by gaining business contacts and Asian information at CITE 2014. Scheduled for April 10-12, 2014 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China, the 2nd annual CITE 2014 is the place to grow business and showcase the latest IT and consumer electronics technologies, products and innovation from around the world. Jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Shenzhen Municipal Government of P.R. China, CITE 2014 features over 100,000 square meters (approximately 320,000 square feet) of show floor space with over 100,000 attendee and over 1,500 exhibitors, new products and technologies, including the latest new technology advancements from China. In addition, there will be industry forums and seminars on the top 30 hot topics, including China’s industry chain, 4G, smartphones, smart TVs, wearable technologies, security systems and cloud computing.

CITE 2014 provides a unique opportunity for U.S. companies to showcase their new brands, technologies, and innovations to Chinese and Asian distributors and the emerging Chinese marketplace with a new American Pavilion. Unlike other Asian trade shows that focus on selling Chinese products to U.S. companies, CITE is geared to help U.S. companies sell their products into the Asian market, by organizing the attendance of numerous high quality Chinese distributors and dealers and providing on-site business matchmaking programs in a “one on one” format, with qualified supplier introduction meetings, purchase preferences, and supply meetings.

New in 2014, CITE is launching Exhibit Zones to assist exhibitors with optimal booth locations, with zones focusing on mobile smart devices, computers, networking equipment, digital audio/video devices, software/apps, information services, the internet, cloud computing, integrated circuits, flat panel displays, LEDs, lithium batteries, solar energy, new electronic components and materials, automotive, financial, and medical technologies.

CITE 2014