The ECCE’2016 submission window is now open



The Technical Program Committee is excited to announce that the 8th Annual IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expositions (ECCE’2016) submission window is NOW OPEN.

Jan 15, 2016 – paper digests
Feb 01, 2016 – tutorial proposal
Mar 31, 2016 – special session proposal

Whether is it power converters, motor / motor drives, renewable energy, devices, controls, LED lighting, smart grid or the countless other technical sub-fields related to electrical energy conversion – we are in a period of immense opportunity for our industry. In the past seven years there has been a tremendous growth in the numbers of technical papers submitted and attendees to the conference. We are proud that you consider ECCE a flagship conference and worthy of your time as an author and attendee.

The TPC has been hard at work organizing the technical program to make this year’s conference an informative and memorable experience. Part of this is a subtle re-organization of research tracks – nothing drastic, but an attempt to better identify application tracks vs. core technology tracks to help researchers and practitioners alike to easily find what you are looking for.

We invite you to be an active participant in the conference – as an author, a reviewer, or both!

Digests submitted to ECCE undergo a rigorous and fair peer review process by subject domain experts. An ECCE digest usually receives a minimum of 3 reviews and further evaluation of the TPC topic chairs and vice chairs. Authors have the option to select your preferred presentation format: oral or poster. It is the policy of the TPC to regard either with equal weight – they both are uploaded to IEEE Explore Digital Library without any differentiation. Many authors in-fact prefer the poster format as it facilitates deeper discussions than are possible in an oral session and can lead to new ideas, directions, or collaborations.

Prospective authors are invited to submit a digest no longer than five (5) pages, single-column, single-spaced, summarizing the proposed paper in PDF format. Authors are encouraged to include key equations, figures, and tables as appropriate to help reviewers understand the context and contribution of the proposed paper. Do not include author names or affiliations; do not include acknowledgements. Reference must be included and count toward the page limit. Deviations from these requirements will be result in rejection without review.

Authors are encouraged to clearly state the objectives of the work, its significance in advancing engineering or science, and the methods and specific results in sufficient detail to convince a reviewer of its merit. The digests will be reviewed using a double-blind peer review process to ensure confidentiality and fair review. Please refer to the conference website for a detailed list of technical topics and the digest submission link. 

In addition to the technical papers, we will have a slate of educational tutorial session to help you bush up on forgotten concepts, stay current with emerging technologies, or just become familiar with new topics.

ECCE2016 submissions