The Industry's First Company-Neutral Software User Interface


PSA Power Master GUI Can Configure and Control Power Stamps from Multiple Companies

The Power Stamp Alliance (PSA) announced a software user interface that can be used with any compatible power stamps. This is the first time that a power industry alliance has created a graphical user interface (GUI) that developers can use with products from any member company. The PSA Power Stamp GUI can be used with any of the PSA main power stamps that incorporate the PMBus protocol.

PSA 48V direct conversion DC-DC modules - or ‘power stamps’ - primarily target high-performance computers and servers being used in large data centers, many of which follow the principles of the Open Compute Project (OCP).

The new GUI provides power engineers with a simple and functionally powerful user interface that delivers control flexibility over their digitally-controlled power stamp products. The PSA Power Stamp GUI is compatible with Windows operating systems and enables the configuration of PSA-compliant products and solutions through a USB to PMBus dongle adapter.

The user interface is intuitive and starts with an overview of the power stamp units' general status with warnings and faults displayed if appropriate. Users can observe simple telemetry and issue basic ON/OFF and sequencing commands. Detailed telemetry is also accessible through a dedicated button in the GUI. Users can also upload and download configuration files from the main unit as per the PSA-member’s user guidelines. Output voltage configuration covers set-point definition, saturation and offset functions. Advanced controls allow the user to configure and adjust protection thresholds and warnings.

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