The Industry’s First Noise-Tolerant Opamps


Unprecedented noise immunity contributes to improved reliability and simpler designs in automotive sensor applications

Kyoto and Santa Clara, Calif. – ROHM has recently announced the availability of automotive-grade ground sense opamps that deliver breakthrough EMI tolerance (noise immunity) for automotive systems using sensors along with core systems for EVs and HEVs.

Developed using 3 proprietary analog technologies (layout, processes, circuit design), the BA8290xYxx-C series features superior noise immunity that suppresses output voltage fluctuation in all frequency bands to less than ±1%, compared to ±3.5% to ±10% with conventional products. As a result, installing in the subsequent stage of devices that output micro-signals such as sensors will make it possible to amplify signals without being affected by noise, eliminating the need for noise countermeasures such as filters. This helps to reduce design load while contributing to greater reliability.

The latest automotive systems achieve greater fuel economy and safety by adopting ECUs and sensors that manage and optimize conditions such as temperature, acceleration, and current. At the same time the move towards greater digitization and application density in automotive systems has increased the amount of noise generated in the environment, presenting significant problems for sensors and other small-signal devices. What’s more, during automotive development it is extremely difficult to evaluate individual sources of noise, making it necessary to perform noise evaluation after installation. So unless careful attention is paid to noise design, major modifications (entailing increased costs and development time) may be required if the application fails testing.

In response, ROHM has developed the world’s first opamps that eliminate the effects of noise in automotive sensor applications by utilizing a vertically integrated production system that leverages analog design technology and proprietary bipolar processes.

Availability: Now(Samples), June 2018 (OEM quantities)

Key Features
1. The industry’s first opamps that eliminate the need for noise countermeasures
The BA8290xYxx-C series utilizes 3 proprietary analog technologies: circuit design (new noise countermeasure circuit), layout (based on market-proven analog expertise), and (bipolar) processes to achieve breakthrough noise immunity that limits output voltage fluctuation to less than ±1%, compared to ±3.5% to ±10% with conventional products. This reduces the number of components required for noise suppression (3 CR filters for the input/output/power supply), meeting noise-related challenges in the development of automotive electrical systems while contributing to lighter design load and higher reliability.

2. Supports automotive requirements worldwide
The entire lineup is AEC-Q100 qualified, ensuring automotive-grade reliability, and delivers superior current consumption (0.5mA vs conventional 0.7mA) and offset voltage (±6mV vs ±7mV) in a range of standard package types, channels, and layout – enabling easy replacement with existing products to reduce noise.


*All products are qualified under the AEC-Q100 standard for automotive grade reliability

■ EV / HEV inverters          ■ ECUs                      ■ Automatic transmission
■ Electric power steering   ■ Automotive lamps   ■ Car A/C  
■ EV chargers                    ■ Car navigation        ■ Combination switches
…and other vehicle electrical systems and circuits affected by noise.