The Industry's Smallest 100W GaN Charger Reference Design


Turnkey reference design enables consumer electronics companies to rapidly design and rollout smaller and more powerful and efficient GaN chargers

GaN Systems announced the release of the industry’s smallest 100W dual USB-C intelligent PD GaN charger. This turnkey reference design achieves the highest power density of any 100W charger on the market while being the smartest. The charger can balance and appropriately power a variety of plugged-in device power level combinations from a single 100W device, two devices at 65W and 30W, or two 45W or 30W devices. Additionally, when the power draw is below a certain threshold, the charger shifts to a higher efficiency mode to further maximize performance and reduce energy loss.  

Available now through GaN Systems, the charger reference design includes prototypes and documentation (schematics, PCB layout, BOM, and design guideline) to shorten design cycles and speed up product launches. 

The 100W charger reference design uses GaN Systems’ GS-065-011-1-L transistor for outstanding performance with the following key features:

  • Ultra-high-power density: > 16W/in3 with case and foldable prong
  • Flexible and smart power distribution: Dual USB-C ports to support universal USB-C protocols and flexible plug-in end devices
  • Peak Efficiency: > 92.5%,
  • Exceeds EN55032 Class B with > 6dB margin
  • Meets safety IEC62368-1 touch temperature requirement
  • Meets IEC61000-3-2 for power line harmonics with Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit

For more information, please visit GaN Systems' site.