The Successful Qualification of Onyx Pyrometers


Global Power Solution Leader to Demonstrate Industrial Capabilities Through Improvements in Safety, Cut Costs and Decreased Cycling Time

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. announced that Steel Dynamics, Inc.  has successfully qualified its Onyx series optical temperature pyrometers at its Columbus Division. The line of industrial pyrometers provides the flat roll steel mill with robust and repeatable temperature measurement for vessel monitoring.

Steel Dynamics employs an electric arc furnace (EAF) to process recycled steel. This process utilizes vessels to transport the molten steel from the EAF to the caster. The maintenance of these vessels, when not in service, is critically important. Temperature has been traditionally maintained by use of thermocouples (TC). Temperature must be maintained at around 1800°F to ensure optimal performance of the refractory lining. Unfortunately, in using TCs, Steel Dynamics encountered slow reaction time and continual damage. TCs were also causing inconsistent temperature variation and the use of additional gas for no benefit, incurring unnecessary costs.

Due to the ability to improve temperature-measurement, decrease natural gas usage (with better measurement), and speed throughput, the Onyx series pyrometers have been selected to replace the TCs. Through this replacement, Steel Dynamics will be able to more precisely control the temperatures of the ladle between cycles. Pyrometers will allow the burner to only ramp up full when necessary, as well as help to extend the life of the ladles, all of which results in cost savings.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to equip Steel Dynamics with the thermal technology needed for optimization of melting processes,” said Mark Ritzheimer, senior product marketing manager for Advanced Energy. “The Onyx series and its ability to provide top-of-the-line temperature measurement - even in the harshest environments - is a great demonstration of our industrial capabilities.”

The Onyx series of industrial pyrometers provides measurement precision, repeatability and reliability to industrial applications. A non-contact device, it provides a wide temperature range based on selected wavelength and carries excellent accuracy and repeatability.

Advanced Energy