The World's Lowest Profile Nano SIM Card Connector


Space-saving KP13B Series Nano Sim card offers design flexibility in consumer electronic applications...

Hirose has launched the world’s lowest profile Nano SIM card connector. The KP13B Nano SIM card connector reduces the required printed circuit board (PCB) mounting space by up to 26% compared to other products on the market. The space-savings connector simplifies designs in digital cameras, digital video cameras, laptops, printers, smart phones, televisions and more.

The connector has a card detection feature and is designed to prevent incorrect card insertion. This ensures proper mating and protect contacts from damage. The user-friendly card connector is easy to insert / eject and offers 5000 mating cycles. An exposed terminal design simplifies examination of the connector contacts via automated optical inspection.

The push-push KP13B Series is only 13.6 mm long, 11.5 mm wide and 1.18 mm high.

The KP13B Series has an operating temperature range of -30 degree C to +85 degree C, a rated current of 0.5A and a rated voltage of 10V.

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