Thermal Gap Filler Reduces Stress on Sensitive Components



CLEVELAND, Ohio. – Laird Performance Materials has developed Tflex HD80000, a high deflection thermal gap filler combining 6 W/mK thermal conductivity with superior pressure versus deflection characteristics. The combination allows minimal stress on sensitive components while also yielding low thermal resistance. As a result, less mechanical and thermal stresses are experienced in devices designed for telecom, information technology, consumer, industrial, aerospace and military markets.

"We envision dozens of important market applications where designers know that minimizing stress on delicate components is crucial," says Mark Wisniewski, product line director at Laird Performance Materials. "This gap filler is ideal for the wireless infrastructure, routers, VoIP phones, notebooks, servers, memory modules, hard disk drives, solid state drives, scanners, printers, gaming systems, LCD PDP televisions, displays, LED lighting, power supplies, lighting ballasts, controllers, scanners, power converters, microwave radios, and more."

The Tflex HD80000 is extremely soft, yet it can be handled and applied manually without the need to add a fiberglass or other reinforcement layers, thus maintaining the superior thermal performance of the thermal gap filler. It is designed for operating temperatures ranging from -40C to 150C and exhibits very low outgassing.

Gap fillers bridge the interface between hot components and a chassis or heat sink assembly to increase the overall heat transfer from the system. Laird Performance Materials' extensive gap filler product lines include a wide range of performance capabilities including ultra-thin gap fillers, a high deflection series which with incorporates the Tflex HD80000, and materials providing electrical isolation.
The Tflex HD80000 is available in ceramic-filled silicone sheets in standard sheet sizes of 9" x 9" or custom die cut parts. Standard thicknesses range from 1.0 mm (0.040”) to 5.0 mm (0.200”) in 0.25 (0.010") increments.

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