Thick Film Chip Resistors Offer Very High Voltage Ratings



Chip resistors are used for a wide range of applications, power ratings, current levels, and voltages. Previously, chip resistor voltage ratings have been constrained by the limitations of thick film screen printing. Today, Stackpole's UHV Series combines a unique film and deposition process with proprietary processing techniques to break through the voltage limitation barriers and provide higher voltage ratings for a given chip footprint as shown below.

* UHV2010 – voltages from 3KV to 6KV – resistance values from 100M to 10G
* UHV2512 – voltages from 4KV to 10KV – resistance values from 121M to 10G
* UHV3512 – voltages from 4KV to 14KV – resistance values from 100M to 10G
* UHV4020 – voltages from 6KV to 16KV – resistance values from 150M to 10G
* UHV5020 – voltages from 6KV to 20KV – resistance values from 100M to 10G

Voltage ratings will vary by resistance value with higher resistance values capable of higher voltages. The UHV is available in tolerances from 1% to 20%. For designs that can accept a 10% or wider tolerance, there is a significant benefit in terms of load life performance and VCR as those tolerances will typically not require trimming.

Typical applications include high voltage power modules, medical devices, defibrillators, instrumentation, and aerospace.

Pricing will vary depending on size, resistance value, and tolerance. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for specific UHV Series pricing.

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