Thin Film Chip Resistors Ideal For Consumer, Industrial Electronics



Stackpole Electronics’ CSRT2512-UP was developed to provide accurate, high power current sensing for consumer and industrial electronic devices that exceed the capabilities of most 2512 case sizes available in the industry. The AEC-Q200 compliant CSRT2512-UP has unique thin film material properties and processing to provide higher continuous power ratings and higher pulse power ratings than other thin film chip resistors. This combination of high performance, high continuous and pulse power handling, and the known high reliability for thin film technology are a perfect combination for consumer electronics looking to maximize function and performance, and industrial applications that require high power handling with high electrical and environmental stability.

The CSRT2512-UP offers TCR of ±50 ppm, tolerances as low as ±0.5% and fully RoHS compliant, halogen free, and lead free (no exemptions). The CSRT has exceptional electrical and environmental performance as well, with resistance shifts of less than 1% for many industry standard stress tests.

Pricing for the CSRT2512-UP in 1% tolerance is around $0.22 each in full package quantities.  Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distribution partners for specific or volume pricing.  

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