Thin Film Resistors With 0.01% Tolerance and 5 ppm TCR



RALEIGH, NC – The RNCF Series from Stackpole is a surface mount precision thin film chip resistor series with one of the broadest ranges of resistance values, sizes, tolerances, and TCR's in the industry. The RNCF Series has thousands of popular part numbers in stock including many values available in 0.01% resistance tolerance and 5 ppm TCR. This broad stock availability allows rapid prototyping and design validation for a wide range of precision controls and applications requiring exceptional electrical accuracy.

The RNCF is available in sizes from 0201 to 2512, in resistance values from 1 ohm up to 3 Meg, in tolerances as low as 0.01%, and in TCR's down to 2 ppm.

Pricing for the RNCF Series varies with size, value, TCR, and tolerance and ranges from $0.023 each to $1.34 each in full reel quantities.

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