THN 15/20/30WI new model extension


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Traco Power’s THN 15/20/30WI series expands use for low ripple & noise applications

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THN 15/20/30WI new model extension

The latest 5 VDC model additions to the THN 15/20/30WI series enable an optimal operation of any 5 Vout LDO (Low Drop-out) linear regulator. This is achieved by an extended trim function up to 6 VDC ensuring it’s correct operation. The LDO will then eliminate almost all ripple & noise components and provide a clean 5 VDC output voltage.

The THN’s trim function also helps to reduce power losses over the linear regulator which would result in unwanted heat generation. With this model addition we extend our DC/DC power range suitable for low ripple & noise applications from 3 to 30 Watt.




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