Three novel inventions provide building blocks for the burgeoning IoT market



Mr. Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today that InventionShare will be actively promoting three of its game changing inventions as key Internet of Things (IoT) building blocks. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. It is estimated that by the year 2020 the IoT will consist of approximately 50 billion objects, each with its own embedded computing system and able to interact with the existing Internet infrastructure.

Mr. Waite said that InventionShare is currently socializing three unique IoT inventions which include Circuit Seed, 5by5 Wireless and PowerWindings. All three of these inventions are expected to have a significant impact on the IoT market and will be classified as building blocks, as they can now disrupt various marketplaces and provide significant competitive advantages to various IoT manufacturers.

As an example, Circuit Seed will allow IoT companies, including major analog semiconductor companies, to find ways to design semiconductor circuits much faster, circuits that are smaller, run cooler and use less power and can be imbedded into IoT products. “Circuit Seed allows a semiconductor company that is currently using analog circuits to convert them to digital. We have an amazing invention family here. Building block circuits will help companies build literally thousands of IoT products that people are now demanding,” said Mr. Waite.

With communications integral to IoT, the 5by5 Wireless circuit can meet the demands for low cost, small size and high amplification with low or now noise. Coupled with its inherent full duplex wireless, you have a winner for the sensor, industrial internet and consumer segments of the IoT market.

PowerWindings’ smaller and more efficient electric motors and transformers address the size, cost and low power requirements of IoT markets. “All of these attributes - smaller size, lower heat, higher efficiency, less materials, long range and low cost communication - are the key to developing IoT products,” said Mr. Waite. “Like Circuit Seed, 5by5 Communications and Power Windings will help companies in the IoT manufacturing space design and build thousands of smaller products using this invention.”

“The mix and relative importance of these individual invention families changes, depending on the IoT application,” Waite continued, “but that does not negate the importance of their value in the overall ecosystem of IoT. These are monumentally important inventions that will have a huge impact - previously unimaginable products and services will come from these technologies for the benefit of people and planet.”

InventionShare is currently socializing all three of these major IoT “game changing“ inventions with major industry partners, and expanding partnering and licensing opportunities.