Through-hole power MOSFETs tout cost-effectiveness



Advanced Power Electronics, a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of MOS power semiconductors for DC-DC power conversion applications, launched a new series of power MOSFETs in the popular TO-92 through-hole package, widely used in commercial and industrial applications where PCB space is at a premium. Ideally suited for low-current applications such as small switch power supplies and load switches, the AP4002T N-channel enhancement-mode power MOSFETs feature fast switching characteristics and a low gate charge. BVDSS is 600V, RDS(on) is 5?, and ID is 400mA. Devices also feature ROHS-compliant, halogen-free packaging. According to Ralph Waggitt, President and CEO of Advanced Power Electronics, "our power MOSFETs have been designed to with very simple drive requirements, and engineers can immediately enjoy the benefit of fast switching at a competitive price." Advanced Power Electronics