Thru Hole Resistors Withstand Moisture & Humidity



Electronic content has rapidly increased in a wide variety of markets. For applications that reside in humid or unpredictable environmental locations, resistors with robust performance in humidity and under environmental stress is key. Typical anti-moisture resistors are expensive and have limited availability. Stackpole's HDM series film based axial leaded resistors offer excellent moisture performance in an economical 1/4 watt and 1/2 watt body size that is 100% RoHS compliant, lead free and halogen free. The HDM series shows stable performance under low power high humidity testing and can survive the rigorous pressure cooker test without failure.

Stackpole's HDM is a good choice for industrial equipment and controls, industrial power systems, HVAC, remote communications infrastructure, outdoor lighting and security, electronic irrigation controls, UPS and emergency power systems, and instrumentation.

Pricing for the HDM varies with size and tolerance and ranges from $0.012 to $0.025 each in full reel quantities.

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