TI claims industry’s fastest 600-V gate driver



UCC27714 half-bridge gate driver for discrete power MOSFETs and IGBTs that operate up to 600 V

Texas Instruments introduced the industry’s fastest half-bridge gate driver for discrete power MOSFETs and IGBTs that operate up to 600 V. The UCC27714 high-side, low-side driver with 4-A source and 4-A sink current capability reduces component footprint by 50 percent, enabling higher power density in high-frequency, offline AC/DC power supplies used in server, telecom and industrial designs including uninterruptible power supplies. For more details, see www.ti.com/UCC27714-pr.

The UCC27714 delivers 90 nanosecond (ns) propagation delay, 40 percent lower than existing silicon solutions, tight control of the propagation delay with a maximum of 125 ns across -40 C to 125 C and tight channel-to-channel delay matching of 20 ns across -40 C to 125 C. The device eliminates the need for bulky gate drive transformers, saving significant board space in high-frequency switch-mode power electronics.

Key features and benefits of the UCC27714:

Smaller footprint creates highest power-density solutions: The UCC27714 reduces gate driver component footprint by 50 percent in secondary-side controlled power supplies.
Advanced noise toleration: Negative voltage handling of -6 V at the switched-node pin creates the ability to tolerate noise, causing virtually no malfunctions in the electronic system.
MOSFETs have the ability to drive over a wide power range: The device’s high-current capability of 4 A enables MOSFETs to drive over a wide power range, from a few watts to a kilowatt.
Operates across wide temperatures: All electrical characterizations have little variations across operating temperatures, creating a simplified design and speeding time to market.

Complementary devices to maximize system performance

Every gate driver in a system requires the appropriate controller for the end application. TI offers several pulse-width modulation (PWM), resonant, power factor correction (PFC) and digital power controllers. With the UCC27714 and TI’s recently released UCC29950 combination PFC (power factor correction) + LLC controller, designers can develop a complete, offline AC/DC power supply rated up to a few hundred watts. The fully internalized PFC compensation of UCC29950 reduces design steps enabling fast time-to-market while the three-level over current protection and hiccup mode operation ensures a robust operation under short circuits and overload conditions.

Tools and support to speed design

TI offers a broad range of support tools for the UCC27714 to speed time to market. Get started now using PSpice transient model simulation software or one of the following fully tested reference designs from the TI Designs reference design library:

UCC27714 600W Phase Shifted Full Bridge Converter Evaluation Module (UCC27714EVM-551)

230-V, 400-W High-Efficiency Battery Charger Power Supply with PFC and LLC for 36-V Power Tools (TIDA-00355)
360W Phase Shift, Full Bridge Resonant LLC with High Side Low Side Driver (TIDA-00381)
340W Digital Controlled LLC Resonant Half-Bridge DC-to-DC Power Conversion (TIDA-00512)
300W PFC Plus Resonant LLC Half-Bridge Controller Offline AC/DC PSU Module (TIDA-00520)

Package, pricing and availability

The UCC27714 is now available in the TI store and through the company’s authorized distribution network. The high-speed 600 V high-side low-side gate driver comes in a small outline integrated circuit (SOIC)-14 package and is priced at US$1.75 in 1,000 unit-quantities.