TI class-D audio amplifiers


Broad supply range and fast switching speeds support portable and filterless designs.

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Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced three analog-input class-D stereo amplifiers for use in soundbars, after-market automotive-audio products, portable audio docks, and LCD televisions. The devices, TPA3116D2, TPA3118D2, and TPA3130D2 feature switching rates from 400 KHz to 1.2 MHz and a power supply range from 4.5 V to 26 V, enabling audio output that is both high quality and highly efficient. Pin-for-pin and software compatible, the devices can support a single-layer PCB, enabling cost savings by allowing designers to reuse a single layout for multiple designs.

  • Supply range of 4.5 V to 26 V enables simultaneous operation of line power and battery power on the same board for longer battery life in soundbars and portable audio docks.
  • Thermally efficient FETs allow 30-W x 2 operation without need for a heat sink, or 50-W x 2 with a heat sink (TPA3116D2 only).
  • Switching rates of 400 KHz to 1.2 MHz allow inductor filter-free operation and interference avoidance.
  • Closed-loop design provides excellent power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and slower edge rates for waveform switching to improve electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance.
  • RDS(on) of 120 ?? at 30-W x 2.