TI introduces 30-A, 15-V synchronous buck converter with 90-percent efficiency


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Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a synchronous 30-A step-down regulator with integrated MOSFETs that achieves 90-percent power efficiency and fast transient response in a small 5-mm x 6-mm PowerStack QFN package. The TPS53355 converter delivers high performance to low-output voltage, high-current applications that demand increased power density, such as notebook computers, embedded computers, servers, storage and telecommunication systems. For samples, SwitcherPro™ simulation model and evaluation module visit: www.ti.com/tps53355-preu. The TPS53355 30-A regulator uses a D-CAP™ mode control feature to achieve a transient response of up to 2 A/μs, which is 20-percent faster than other solutions that use current or voltage mode control. The D-CAP mode control also minimizes the use of external components and requires no loop compensation. Key features and benefits of the TPS53355:

  • High efficiency and performance: input voltage range up to 15 V; 90-percent efficiency at 30-A, 12 Vin, 1.5 Vout at 500 kHz.
  • Accurate power delivery: 1 percent voltage regulation accuracy.
  • Light-load efficiency: Eco-Mode™ auto-skip mode operation.
  • Smallest solution size: selectable switching frequency range of 250 kHz to 1 MHz and small QFN package with integrated high and low-side FETs result in a 20-percent smaller solution than competitive products.
Availability and pricing The TPS53355 is available in volume now from TI and authorized distributors in a 22-pin, 5-mm x 6-mm QFN PowerStack package, a unique package technology that helps reduce board space, while achieving excellent thermal performance, higher current capability and efficiency. Suggested resale pricing is $4.65 in 1,000-unit quantities. Find out more about TI's power management voltage regulators for high-current, low-voltage designs:
  • Order the TPS53355EVM-743 evaluation module.
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