TI Introduces Integrated USB Charging Port Power Switch



Intelligent host-mode charging power IC provides interoperable, standards-compliant solution to reduce charging time for mobile devices from a USB port Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced a new power management device that integrates a current-limited power switch and a high-bandwidth 2.6-GHz signaling switch optimized for a USB interface. The TPS2540 is the industry's first host-side charging control integrated circuit with an onboard power switch to enable intelligent charging for portable electronics devices that draw power from a USB port. For samples and an evaluation module, visit: www.ti.com/tps2540-preu. The TPS2540 supports USB charging modes around the world, including the upcoming Battery Charging 1.2 draft specification, Chinese and European regulatory requirements, and proprietary charging modes from leading electronics OEMs. The IC is ideal for USB ports in a wide variety of host applications, such as AC wall adapters, desktop PCs, docking stations and auto charging accessories. TPS2540 is the first device to enable portable devices to charge via a USB port, even when the host system is in standby mode. Key features and benefits of TPS2540:

  • Integration: with both the power switch and data switch, the TPS2540 saves space and cost. Low capacitance and low on resistance allow signals to pass with minimum edge and phase distortion.
  • Greater power efficiency: reduces standby current draw.
  • Interoperability: supports Chinese and Europe design requirements, as well as popular proprietary charging modes.
  • Accuracy: employs a "no-peaking" current limiting topology, which dramatically improves current-limit accuracy and reduces the size of the power supply.
  • Reduction in charging time: allows devices to receive power faster than a typical USB port.
Supports any USB interface The TPS2540 supports a wide range of TI USB 2.0 and 3.0 transceivers. It complements TI's TUSB1310 (www.ti.com/tusb1310-pr), which is the industry's first discrete SuperSpeed USB transceiver that enables USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 upstream and downstream functionality when used in conjunction with integrated digital cores. TI is the only supplier to provide end-to-end SuperSpeed USB solutions, including host controllers, hubs, peripherals, power management, ESD protection and signal integrity assurance. Availability and pricing The TPS2540 is available in volume now from TI and its authorized distributors in a 16-pin, 3-mm x 3-mm WQFN package. Suggested resale pricing is $0.90 in 1,000-unit quantities. An easy-to-use evaluation module, TPS2540EVM-623 can be purchased at TI's e-Store for $49. Find out more about TI's USB power and interface solutions by visiting: • USB power switch portfolio: www.ti.com/usbpower-pr. • USB interface products: www.ti.com/usb3-pr. • The TI E2E™ Community to ask questions and help solve problems with fellow engineers: www.ti.com/powerforum-pr. www.ti.com