TI introduces wide-input-voltage, high-power LED driver with multiple dimming-control modes


Versatile controller maximizes system efficiency, simplifies design and reduces cost

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Texas Instruments Incorporated has introduced a six-channel LED driver with dynamic headroom control for high-power applications, which accurately and efficiently drives up to six strings of LEDs. The LM3463 is a wide-input voltage LED driver with multiple dimming control modes that maximizes system efficiency and reduces complexity in LED area-lighting applications, such as street, high-bay, and ceiling lights. The LM3463 is a 12- to 95-V wide-input-voltage, six-channel LED current controller. It drives up to 28 LEDs per string with dimming control that an external microcontroller can easily manage through the dimming input pins. It works in conjunction with external N-channel MOSFETs and sense resistors to regulate current accurately and individually to each LED string. Dynamic headroom control improves system efficiency by automatically adjusting the LED supply to the lowest level required for LED current conduction. This reduces component count and increases system efficiency while reducing system complexity and cost. Key features and benefits of the LM3463 LED driver

  • Three dimming modes simplify operation with common control systems: PWM input signals, analog-to-PWM input control or 4-byte data code.
  • Global analog brightness control operates independently of dimming control modes and can be used for thermal foldback, protecting the LED array from over-temperature conditions.
  • Multiple LM3463 LED drivers can be cascaded in a master-slave configuration for applications requiring more than six-string LED operation.
  • Protection features include input under-voltage lock out, LED open and short circuit, MOSFET thermal protection, and over-temperature shutdown. A fault output signal can be used to notify the system controller of an open LED string.
Availability, packaging, and pricing The LM3463 is available in volume now from TI and its authorized distributors in a 7- x 7-mm, 48-pin LLP package for US $4.19 each in 1,000-unit quantities. Texas Instruments LM3463 product deeplink