TI strengthens current-shunt monitor portfolio


Four new monitors reduce board space and system cost, deliver high accuracy

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Four new current-shunt monitors deliver high accuracy and a broad range of features.

Texas Instruments has expanded its portfolio of current-shunt monitors with four new devices. The ICs monitor power-supply current, voltage, and power values with features that reduce board space and BOM while delivering high accuracy. The INA3221, INA282, INA223, and LMP8480 current shunt monitors are optimized for a wide range of end-equipment including smartphones; tablets; computers and servers; power-management devices; battery chargers; and industrial, telecommunications, and test equipment. Key features and benefits:

INA3221: Triple-channel shunt and bus-voltage monitor with I2C interface

  • Triple-channel device with digital interface enables monitoring of three separate voltages, eliminating the need for discrete devices for each voltage rail.
  • 80-?V maximum offset voltage and 0.5% gain error enable highly accurate current measurement and precision over-current detection for end equipment.
INA282: Wide common-mode range, bidirectional, high-accuracy current shunt monitor
  • 70-?V maximum offset voltage and low gain error enable the use of smaller shunt resistors to reduce power consumption, board space, and BOM.
  • Combines wide common-mode range (-14 to +80 V) and high common-mode rejection ratio (120 dB) with low offset voltage across multiple gain options. This feature combination increases accuracy in high-voltage applications, such as industrial system power units and telecom power systems.
INA223: Analog-output current shunt, voltage monitor, and instantaneous power monitor
  • Analog multiple-output current shunt device offers multiplexed current, voltage, and instantaneous power values to reduce board space and BOM.
  • Programmable gain of 20, 128 and 300 allows operation over a wide dynamic current load without switching the sensing element, improving response time and accuracy in high-precision applications.
LMP8480: Precision high-side current sense amplifier with voltage output
  • High common-mode voltage range of 4 to 76 V and a high supply range of 4.5 to 76 V reduce system cost by allowing the device operate from the voltage node it is monitoring.
  • Input offset voltage of 265 ?V, 50% lower than competing devices, increases sensing accuracy in high-precision applications.
Tools and support Evaluation modules (EVMs) and IBIS and SPICE models are available today to quickly evaluate these devices: INA3221 EVM: $75 INA282 EVM: $49 INA223 EVM: $75 LMP8480 EVM: $49 Package, availability, and pricing The new current shunt monitors are available to sample and purchase today. Packaging and suggested retail pricing in 1,000-unit quantities are as follows: INA3221: 4 x 4-mm, 16-pin QFN: US$1.85 INA282: 4.9 x 6-mm, 8-pin SOIC: US$1.25 INA223: 2.5 x 2.5-mm, 10-pin SON: US$1.15 LMP8040: 4.9 x 3.0-mm, 8-pin MSOP: US$1.10 Texas Instruments Product deeplink