Tigo Energy's Residential Inverter and Battery Storage Solution



Tigo Energy, Inc. announced that the company is taking orders for the Energy Intelligence (EI) Inverter and Battery product lines from residential installers in the United States. These new hardware solutions expand the Tigo product portfolio with a focus on ease-of-installation, more efficient system maintenance and management, and increased flexibility for installers. The new line of EI Battery and Inverter products will allow U.S.-based residential installers to benefit from native integrations of Tigo technology with solar and storage components. The program represents an extension of the Tigo Enhanced commercial and industrial solar partnership program into the residential market.

Tigo Energy has led solar innovation with its TS4 Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) by providing the freedom for customers to choose the features and components for their solar installations. With almost fifteen years of MLPE leadership in the industry, Tigo is continuing to build its portfolio to provide comprehensive hardware and software solutions for discerning solar and storage installers. The new Tigo EI Battery and Inverter products carry on the Company’s tradition of offering flexibility and choice across global solar markets between 10 kW and 10 MW, including broad compatibility with third-party components.

The new Tigo EI Inverters offer high-efficiency energy conversion for home consumption or export to the grid. When used in combination with Tigo TS4 MLPE products, it provides module-level optimization, monitoring and rapid shutdown, and enables home energy backup when paired with a home energy storage system like the Tigo EI Battery. Available in 7.6 kW and 11.4 kW configurations, the products feature: 

  • Up to 200% DC oversizing

  • 50V starting voltage

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and optional cellular communication 

  • Modular and lightweight design

The new Tigo Energy Intelligence Battery provides energy bill management for time-of-use rate plans and backup energy in the event of a grid outage. To satisfy a comprehensive array of home energy needs, the EI Battery can be configured for both whole-home and critical load backup. Tigo EI Battery systems are rated at 9.9 kWh of energy per enclosure, with usable capacity of 9.0 kWh, and feature: 

  • Scalability up to 40 kWh, with four enclosures per inverter

  • Warranty protection of 132 months or 6,000 cycles

  • 5 kW continuous and 6 kW peak power

  • Operating range between 14-122°F

The Tigo Energy Intelligence product line allows for maximum flexibility in an integrated system that is easy to install, fast to commission, and convenient to maintain through the Tigo EI mobile app and a browser-based program. The Tigo EI platform provides system diagnosis and over-the-air software upgrades. In addition, energy production is clearly monitored and analyzed for greater visibility and understanding of energy systems. With industry-leading warranties on all hardware, homeowners and installers can continue to rely on product performance and support from Tigo Energy. 

Over the past 12 months, Tigo released key updates and innovations to its Flex MLPE product line to address the growing demand for high-power solar modules and energy projects that call for a diversified set of fire safety, monitoring, management, and power optimization features. The new product offerings include upgrades of all Tigo TS4 MLPE devices, including those with rapid shutdown with module level monitoring, to serve modules up to 700W and the updated Energy Intelligence (EI) software solution to simplify fleet management for installers. 

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