Times Microwave Introduces new LMR-240 Kit



The LMR-240 Kit from Times Microwave Systems packs everything needed for low-loss, 50-Ω cable assemblies into one box. The kit contains cables, interconnect components, lubricant to facilitate connector assembly, and even cable cutting tools, including the easy-to-use model CCT-03 tool for exposing and prepping cable center conductors with clean, burr-free cuts ideal for low-VSWR connector attachments. The tool has been tested for clean, reliable cable cuts for prepping interconnections for LMR  with a variety of connectors, including SMA and Type N connectors, with over 2000 cuts.
For evaluating coaxial cable performance in different operating environments, including under water, the LMR-240 kit includes samples of six different low-loss LMR coaxial cables, such as LMR, LMR-DB, and LMR-FR cables. For terminating the cables, the kit features Times Microwave’s low-loss Advantage EZ-X Connectors. These solderless, corrosion-resistant connectors do not require braid trimming and are easy to assemble but meet IP67 requirements, provide low-VSWR interconnections, and have a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C (-40 to +185°F).
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