Times Microwave's data line protection surge protectors now at CDM



Times Microwave Systems' Times-Protect Data Line Series

CDM Electronics, a premier authorized distributor of electronic connectors and cables, now stocks Times Microwave Systems' lightning and surge protectors, which includes LP-DOE-1G, LP-POE-1G and LP-PAE-100 modules. The compact devices are engineered to support the highest level of surge protection for twisted pair Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables, and are tested to RFC2544 extended methods and meet Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) Level 3 requirements.

As their proprietary circuitry results in surge let-through voltage on data lines limited to 20 V peak at 300 A, parts are ideal for the most demanding industrial, commercial, military and aerospace wireless communications equipment and infrastructure. Protectors' panel- or chassis-mount configuration maximizes ease of installation and design flexibility in both new and retrofit applications. Times Microwave Systems' LP-DOE-1G, LP-POE-1G and LP-PAE-100 modules, as well as the full Times-Protect series of protectors and accessories, are available online from CDM.

Featuring superior data integrity and an extremely low error rate, the LP-DOE-1G module offers 1000 BASE-T Ethernet data only, whereas the LP-POE-1G offers 1000 BASE-T Power over Ethernet (PoE) with up to 60 VDC protection on DC pin pairs. The LP-PAE-100 provides both 100 BASE-T power and Ethernet. Series' pin pairs, (1-2), (3-6), (4-5), and (7-8) are protected to chassis ground.

Times-Protect devices provide unparalleled data line over voltage protection in a variety of Ethernet networks, telecommunications equipment and communication networks in which space is limited and protection against damage from lightning strikes and transient surge voltages is critical. The series enables trouble-free data transmission in industrial automation and robotics, alternative energy signal control and equipment, aerospace actuation, and sensor signal control.

Modules are supplied standard in a shielded metal housing to ensure excellent multi-strike performance and long life in indoor applications, and are optionally available with an IP-67-rated shield to make them appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Parts' maximum surge rating is limited only to the shielded RJ-45 connectors' surge voltage and current handling capabilities. They measure 4.68" x 2.22" x 1.25" and weigh 3.7 oz. Operating temperature range is -40° C to +65° C.

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