TIs’ LMG1020 low-side GaN driver now shipping from Mouser


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Mouser Electronics is now stocking the LMG1020 gallium nitride (GaN) driver from Texas Instruments.

TIs’ LMG1020 low-side GaN driver now shipping from Mouser

The single, low-side driver enables efficient, high-performance designs in speed-critical applications such as LiDAR, time-of-flight laser drivers, facial recognition, augmented reality, and class E wireless chargers.

The Texas Instruments LMG1020 low-side GAN driver, available from Mouser Electronics, drives GaN FETs and logic-level MOFSETs, enabling propagation delays of just 2.5 nanoseconds and minimum pulse width of 1 nanosecond. The device’s drive strength is independently adjustable for pull-up and pull-down edges by connecting external resistors between the gate and OUTH and OUTL, respectively. The robust LMG1020 driver features over-temperature protection and under-voltage lockout to guard against overload and fault conditions, plus common-mode transient immunity of more than 300V/ns, delivering industry-leading system-noise immunity.

The LMG1020 is housed in a 0.8 mm × 1.2 mm WCSP package, which minimizes gate loop inductance and maximizes power density in high-frequency applications. The miniscule size allows designers to reduce component count and decrease power supply size by up to 80 percent. The LMG1020 driver features an adjustable dead-time control feature to provide improved efficiency for applications such as DC-DC converters, Class D audio amplifiers, and motor drives.

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