TI's new 28-V, 500-mA step-down converter provides high efficiency at light loads


Simple-to-use regulator with DCS-Control supports 12-V, 15-V, and 24-V PoL applications

Click image to enlarge: TPS62175 typical efficiency

Texas Instruments has introduced a synchronous, 28-V, 500-mA step-down DC-DC converter that can operate at less than 5 ?A during sleep mode. The new TPS62175 maintains high efficiency during light-load operation, while supporting ultra-low-power microcontrollers that operate in 12-V, 15-V, and 24-V applications, such as industrial-sensor, smart-meter, medical, and wireless power-transmission designs. Key features and benefits of TPS62175

  • High efficiency at light loads: Achieves greater than 70% efficiency at 100 ?A; operates with less than 5- ?A quiescent current in sleep mode and 20 uA typically in regular mode.
  • Supports microcontroller systems with extreme standby power requirements and output voltage accuracy: Supports TI's Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F series of microcontrollers.
  • Small size: Requires only three external components and comes in a 2- x 3-mm WSON package. Complete converter circuit occupies only a total of 68 mm2.
DCS-Control technology The TPS62175 features TI's patented DCS-Control regulation topology, which combines hysteretic and voltage-mode control in a single device, resulting in excellent AC-line and transient-load regulation. DCS-Control also provides DC accuracy through a voltage feedback loop, and creates a seamless transition between high- and light-load (power save) operation. Availability and pricing The TPS62175 comes in a 10-pin, 2- x 3-mm WSON package and is priced at US$0.95 in 1,000-unit quantities. Designers can order the TPS62175EVM-098 evaluation module to test the device's operation and functionality when converting from a 4.75- to 28-V input to a regulated 3.3-V output voltage. TI Product deeplink