TI's new Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit Delivers More Design Flexibility for Lighting Systems


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Complete, easy-to-use kit enables developers to leverage C2000™ real-time control microcontrollers to innovate feature-laden, intelligent automotive and stage lighting applications Providing all of the open source hardware and software needed to jumpstart LED lighting design, Texas Instruments Incorporated announced its new TMS320C2000™ real-time microcontroller (MCU) Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit. The new kit includes separate DC/DC power stages to control two RGB and two white LED strings or up to eight white LED strings. The multiple DC/DC power stage topology was designed for applications that require a variety of LED types and string lengths for color and intensity purposes, such as automotive and stage lighting. The kit reduces system cost and complexity because its single C2000 Piccolo™ MCU executes all of the power stages while leaving headroom for other functions such as color mixing, PWM dimming, thermal sensing and correction, ambient lighting compensation, and LED fault protection. Developers can easily adapt the kit for varying design needs, as it includes a modular controlCARD, as well as a detachable LED panel with white and RGB LEDs. For more information, go to www.ti.com/rgb-led-pr-tf. www.ti.com