Torex New 16V 200mA Negative Voltage Regulator



The new XC6901/02 series from Torex are negative voltage regulators that are compatible with small ceramic capacitors. In addition to an output current capability of 200mA, the wide input (-2.4V ~ -16V) and output (-0.9V ~ -12V - available in 0.1V increments) voltage ranges of the XC6901/02 permit these ICs to be used in most applications where negative DC to DC regulation is needed, such as CCD power supplies, LCD modules or digital cameras to name but a few. The XC6901/02 series come with a high output voltage accuracy of 1.5% for VOUT<-2.0V (30mV when VOUT?-2.0V), a low voltage dropout of 400mV @ 100mA, a high PSRR of 45dB @ 1kHz and a low current consumption of 100μA. The XC6901/02 protection circuits consist of a foldback-type current limiter and a thermal shutdown circuit. In addition to these features, the XC6901 series come with a CL discharge function in order to swiftly return the output voltage to the VSS level when disabling the IC. Whereas the XC6901 is activated by inputting a high level signal to its CE pin, the XC6902 doesn't include a CE pin. This additional CE pin required by the XC6901 leads to both series being available in different packages. For the XC6901: USP-6C for best compromise between size and dissipation, SOT-25 for standard footprints and SOT-89-5 for higher power dissipation; For the XC6902: the standard SOT-23 package, as well as the SOT-89 package when more dissipation is required. More in depth information about the XC6901/02 LDO voltage regulators, which includes a supporting datasheet, can be found directly on Torex Semiconductor's website at: XC6901: XC6902: