Toshiba announces high-speed bus switch for 5V interfaces


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Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has expanded its family of bus switches with a new device that addresses the data rate and power requirements of high-speed digital applications requiring a 5V interface. Typically, the development towards higher speed interfaces goes hand-in-hand with the reduction of supply and I/O voltages, which is no problem in consumer type of applications. This new bus switch offers high-speed operation through reduction of capacitance and resistance values while keeping the supply voltage at 5V, making the device especially attractive for industrial applications. The TC7MB3257C is a quad SPDT bus switch that operates from a supply voltage between 4.0V and 5.5V. In the ON state the switch exhibits a typical terminal capacitance of only 8.5pF and an ON resistance of 3W. This results in a 3dB cut-off frequency of 590MHz, which represents a significant improvement over previous devices. The resulting reduction of signal rise and fall times enables support of high data speeds. The TC7MB3257C can operate in multiplexing or full isolation mode. Multiplexing of the active output port is achieved by applying a select signal, while full isolation between input and output can be achieved with the output enable voltage. Additional features of the TC7MB3257C are a maximum quiescent current of only 10μA, power down protection for all input pins and integrated protection against electrostatic discharge up to 2kV according to the Human Body Model (HBM). Toshiba's TC7MB3257C is available in standard TSSOP16 (TC7MB3257CFT) and VSSOP16 (TC7MB3257CFK) packages as well as the ultra compact VQON16 package (TC7MB3257CFTG) with dimensions of 2.7mm x 2.7mm x 0.6mm. Additionally, the line-up of low capacitance 5V bus switches is expanded with different SPST options and a single SPDT switch configuration.