Toshiba announces quad-channel transistor-output photocouplers


Compact devices guarantee operation from -55°C to 110°C and offer current transfer ratios from 50 to 400%

Click image to enlarge: TLP290-4 and TLP291-4 GP transistor photocouplers

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced availability of two extended-temperature SMT photocouplers that reduce component count and save board space in high-component-density industrial equipment. Target applications will range from PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and switching power supplies to inverters and servo amplifiers for factory-automation systems. Offering AC and DC inputs respectively, the TLP290-4 and TLP291-4 are general-purpose transistor photocouplers that integrate four output channels into a small low-profile SO-16 package measuring just 10.3 x 7.0 x 2.3 mm. Each device has a minimum isolation voltage rating of 2.5 kV RMS and is guaranteed to operate across an extended temperature range of -55 to 110 °C. The TLP290-4 and TLP291-4 are built around four photo transistors, each of which is optically coupled to a GaAs infrared LED. Both couplers are rated for a minimum collector-emitter voltage of 80 V and have a current transfer ratio ranging from 50 to 400%. As well as new designs, the TLP290-4 and TLP291-4 also offer a simplified migration path for existing applications based on their predecessors, Toshiba's TLP280-4 and TLP281-4 devices. This is because the new SO-16 packages have the same reference pad dimensions as the SOP-16 package used with the previous models. Toshiba Electronics Europe