Toshiba Electronics announces next-generation MOSFETs for battery operated equipment



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Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched its next generation of medium power MOSFETs for power management applications in mobile devices. The ultra-compact SSM3J13xTU MOSFETs meet the low-power, high-speed, high-current switching requirements of power peripheral circuits in applications such as mobile phones, digital cameras and other battery operated equipment. Built on Toshiba's P-channel U-MOSVI semiconductor process technology, the SSM3J133TU, SSM3J134TU and SSM3J135TU MOSFETs have respective maximum drain current (ID) ratings of -5.5A, -3.2A and -3.0A. All of the devices show maximum ratings of 20V for the drain-source voltages (VDSS) and 8V for the gate-source voltages (VGSS). In addition to the maximum gate-source voltage these MOSFETs also exhibit a maximum gate threshold voltage (Vth) of only 1.0V enabling stable switching operation from 1.5V. With this low voltage switching the SSM3J133TU, SSM3J134TU and SSM3J135TU are ideal solutions in battery powered switching applications. The new P-channel MOSFETs ensure optimum efficiency and switching speeds through a design that minimises ON resistance (RDS(ON)) and input capacitance (Ciss). As the SSM3J133TU, SSM3J134TU and SSM3J135TU exhibit different maximum RDS(ON) and Ciss values designers have the flexibility to choose the optimum device for their given application, either the SSM3J133TU with lowest RDS(ON) for low loss or the SSM3J135TU with lowest Ciss for high speed operation. The SSM3J134TU offers a balanced performance of low loss and high-speed switching. In addition to these three MOSFETs the SSM3J132TU exhibits a maximum RDS(ON) as low as 98mW at a gate source voltage of 1.2V. All of the new MOSFETs are supplied in UFM surface mount packaging that requires a board space of just 2.0mm x 2.1mm with a body height of only 0.7mm. Due to the flat body structure this package offers a power dissipation of 500mW on a footprint of a standard SOT-323 package.